NATO Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG)

NATO Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG)

2. März 2018

As a Members of SWISS ASD, ALME was attending a NIAG-Meeting (NIAG = NATO Industrial Advisory Group) which was held in Toledo/Spain end of February. On Wednesday, there was an Industry Day with presentations of various Spanish industrial companies mainly from the Aeronautics, Space and Defense sector. The main goal was to establish a platform for business contacts and information exchange between European and Spanish companies (networking, B2B-meetings) to facilitate collaboration opportunities. „Of the 23 companies we had a good feeling with 4 to 6 companies and it is worthwhile to stay in contact with them. The NIAG framework made it possible to have a very open atmosphere, which meant that all the companies got straight to the point and we knew very quickly whether it would be worthwhile for us to continue or not. All in all a successful event at a high level.“ stated Christian Taennler CEO of ALME. The company presentations limited to 4 minutes were perfect. So everyone could quickly get an idea of ​​the size and ideas of the company. This will help to place all the actions in the right place.

NIAG – 1 – Thomas Amstad Key Account Manager and Christian Taennler CEO of ALME AG attending the NIAG Meeting in the Infantry Academy in Toledo
NIAG – 2 – Infantry Academy in Toledo
NIAG – 3 – Inside view of the Infantry Academy in Toledo
NIAG – 4 – Toledo - World Heritage Site since 1986
NIAG – 5 – Opening Speech Major General Mr Felipe de la Plaza

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